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Hello! I am Walter Sanchez. Me and my Cachabri family welcome you.

Cachabri is a small indigenous Bri Bri community located in the Telire district, canton of Talamanca. Cradle of the great Awá who are indigenous spiritual leaders in charge of ensuring the transfer of knowledge and the worldview of the Bribri people. Cachabri also shows the most traditional of the ancestral customs with their typical housing constructions and agriculture for subsistence and still retains its authenticity. Without a doubt, a place to visit and learn from the ancestral traditions of the native peoples of Costa Rica and its coexistence with mother earth. In this activity, in addition to getting to know the town, you will live with families in their reality of life; a culture exchange.

Day 1

In Suretka you will find your guide (who is a Bri Bri indigenous) and then board a canoe that will cross you to the other side of the River Telire. From this point a transport by car will bring you in about 20 minutes to the community of Cachabri. You will be welcomed by the Sanchez family of the Sulariwák clan. After the welcome and arrival, you will enjoy a traditional lunch, made with organic products grown by the family. After the lunch, you will tour the community to learn about its buildings and you will visit to Üsure also known as the conical house, a place that expresses the most authentic of the Bribri people and their traditional ancestors. In the evening, you will enjoy a traditional meal and return to your sleeping place.

Day 2

After breakfast be prepared to meet the Awá who is an authority and spiritual leader, who will tell you about the importance of Üsure (also called conical house) for Bribri people, and the construction materials used. He also will share knowledge about medicinal plants and their healing uses. In the afternoon you will have a tour, with a guided walk along the medicinal plants that Awá mentioned earlier this day, towards a sacred place. This place has a small sprout of water that is born from the rocks and has healing power. You will continue the guided route to the suspension bridge, and witness the majesty of the Larí River that connects the Cachabri to the community of Duriñak. In the evening, you will enjoy a traditional meal and return to your sleeping place.

Day 3

After the traditional breakfast, you will visit the Larí river, whose name is derived “alá” which means child and “di” which means water”. It is said that the river was a child, who turned into water or river. The local guide will tell you more about this and also show you the landscapes. If you want, you can plunge into the refreshing waters that come from the mountain. After this beautiful place, you will return to the family house to have lunch and prepare for the return trip.


PACKAGE 3 DAYS 2 NIGHTS $180 per person Pay cash directly with Walter, since electronic payment is not possible There are ten beds in three houses available

Fee includes

Transfer from and to Suretka Rustic Lodging Services (2 nights) All meals Guided tours


• Bri Bri indigenous people have their own culture, please humbly adapt yourself to it •. No insurances available, please arrange your own. Travel and stay is at own risk • We recommend not to explore the place alone, always consult with the family • The meals consist of local fruits and vegetables, spices and pork or chicken. You can visit a small grocery store near the community • In the community there is access to drinking water • There is limited electricity and cell phone coverage

Learn bribri image
I you want, you can learn to speak basic Bribri language. Here are some words for you already:
Goodbye = ëkëkë
Please = bweikeyö
Thank you = wëste or miamià
Sorry = kétket
Yes = tö or ema
No = aù
Who? = yí?
What? = ì?
Why? = ì kueki?
Where? = wé or wérö
My name is John = yê kiè Juan
What's your name? = ima bê kiè?
Nice to meet you = yê tsëna buàë bê kiè
How are you? = is bê skena
I'm well, thank you = yê shkena buàë
(There are no Bribri words for Hello, Bless you, Good morning / afternoon / evening, and Excuse me)
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Please contact me (Walter) through Whatsapp and I will respond in a few days. If you want more information about your stay from a visitor's perspective, please contact Stefan Peij from The Netherlands at +31610909101. He has built this website and has experience with staying with us.